Clean away background noises, clicks and crackles, hums and buzzes. Remove distortion, reverberation and mic rustle. Isolate, remove or restore dialogue and vocals.
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Terms and Conditions.   Spotless Audio may offer the client a "taster" to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning process on the clients audio file. This "taster" would be free and in some cases may have a discreet "audio watermark",  similar to the practices of online photographic libraries. If the client would like Spotless Audio to prepare a fully restored audio file, Spotless Audio requires payment for its services before a link to the clients restored audio file is sent.  We may, for promotional reasons use some examples of Spotless Audio work, however we would respect our clients wishes to remove any of their work if  it was not favoured.  The ownership of the clients restored audio files remains the property of the client after payment has been received.